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Yet more Tegaki

Posting this as it's pretty much the best thing I'll ever draw, ever. I might as well go burn my tablet, pens, paints and paper, 'cause this is it.

More Tegaki e

Some friends did actually dub me Hatred Hammer awhile back, playing off my generally 'cheery' dissposition. I secertly love it.
Tegaki still is proving to be both infuriating and fun. Most recent note-worthy moment, I drew basically a Year Zero fanart 'cause I had been excited for seeing Nine Inch Nails in concert and I got someone asking if (I assume) it had to do with Hellsing. Really? Not that I'd figure anyone would pickup on what it was, but- Really?

I'm inflicting myself with Tegaki

I got a Tegaki a while ago, but never posted anything on it because the application is crud. About a week ago I went back to it and got the idea to try and use the limitations of the application to work on things like color and a more painterly approach to digital drawings (you know, the idea of laying down rough color shapes and building on them and refining them). Granted there's nothing painterly about what I've posted so far, but it's something kinda different.

I wasn't planning to admit having the blog yet, but I just thought this drawing was cute.

Jul. 6th, 2008

Nightmare Wollen watercolorCollapse )

Forgive the crappy picture, I didn't want to scan it as I though it might ruin the look of the blood embroidery. This was a birthday present for a friend. He doesn't read FAMIB, but has wanted something of nightmare Wollen since he saw this painting awhile ago.

Also, no FAMIB update this week, 'cause it's gross and hot here. The feeling of being sticky and having the paper stick to my hand makes drawing not fun. I'll try to compensate with two pages next week.

Jun. 30th, 2008

Tomas' shiny new handCollapse )

Few people have been wondering about Toma's new hand in the latest FAMIB pages. I don't blame them since as usual I kinda shove things into the spotlight before explaining them. I'm not so good at this whole story-telling thing, I'm more about drawing pretty things and setting up melodrama. So, new hand. I'm aiming for a burn scar/skin graft look.

red + green == love

Procrastinating with watercolorsCollapse )
I've been trying to find time to do more small watercolors again. This one was really quick and I think it shows, especially in that I didn't quite know what I was trying to do for a background.

Something a little more unconventional

Some friends of mine went out of town for the weekend and gave me the keys to their apartment to look after their cats. Saturday night I got stuck there longer than expected thanks to a massive thunderstorm making it not so wise to bike home, but thankfully I had some art supplies to keep myself occupied.
I decided to add a little something to the paintjob in the bedroomCollapse )

Also, there's the usual new FAMIB.

Page 333

FAMIB is going to be a day or two late this week. Kinda fell asleep on my couch all afternoon and the page didn't end up magically finish inking itself; I just don't get it.
chapter 10 cover snipetCollapse )

Finally finished off the next chapter cover. I was kinda underwhelemed by it till I colored it, especially this last panel of SkullBunny. Now I'm kinda loving it.
Two weeks till an actual comic update, though. The fact that spring has finally graced us around here has given me the fortitude of an ADHD addeled 11 year old, so instead of dutifully working on thumbnails I find myself constantly calling friends up to go ride bikes.

More of Chapter 10

Sein rough sketchesCollapse )

I like to use Tomas' little nightmare world as an excuse to try drawing somewhat differently and this is me trying to feel out something new. He's fun to kinda draw more cartoony because he is just a kid and his design is a lot more simplified already. I do still struggle with making him not too tall and leggy though. He's supposeed to be really short, but it never comes across.